About Us

Diaconia Microfinance Deposit-taking Institution Liberia Inc. (Diaconia MDI) is located on 135 Carey Street, Between Lynch and Johnson Streets Monrovia, Liberia. Diaconia Microfinance Deposit-taking Institution Inc. (Diaconia MDI) is a limited liability company. Based on a feasibility study in Liberia executed in April 2011, Diaconia MDI was established in Monrovia in December 2012. The formal license to operate was received from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) in August 2014, but due to the Ebola pandemic, the bank started her operations in March 2015.

Diaconia MDI is owned by Alliance Microfinance AS (AMAS), based in Norway. The initiative is the first in Africa by Alliance Microfinance AS (AMAS). Diaconia MDI Organizational structure chart represents the Bank and identifies the employees, their departments, their relationships to each other, and clarifies the lines of authority, responsibility, and reporting relationships of its staff.

Diaconia MDI has over the years being helping small businesses to succeed in their drive to create for themselves a middle-income status through the provision of microfinance services in urban and rural Liberia. The bank has been supporting micro, small and medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Liberia specifically in areas such as small skill manufacturers, home improvement/reconstruction, wholesale and retail traders.


The vision of Diaconia MDI is to be a leader in the socio-economic development efforts of the people of Liberia.


The mission of Diaconia MDI is to offer inclusive, customer-driven financial services that support small businesses to pursue their dreams.


Diaconia MDI has three core values and sub-values, which include the following:

  • Christian Service
    • Passion to serve others
    • Respectful treatment of everyone
    • Dedication to customer service.
  • Excellence
    • Professionalism
    • Sustainability
    • Creativity and innovation
  • Ethical Behavior
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Honesty
General Credit Rules and Regulations

The individual microloans granted by DMDI are legal contracts by which the borrowers accept the obligation to pay back to the institution the same amount of money as they received from it, within the time stipulated, and negotiated interest and other administrative fees which may have been agreed. Applications for individual loans shall be evaluated on the basis of the potential client’s capacity to pay and his/her reputation in the community.

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