Service Loans

Loan for the service sector include loans for businesses that sell their services directly to consumers or other businesses.

Purpose of Service Loans

The purpose of service loans is to finance working capital for inventory, fixed assets purchase, purchase of supplies or other operating needs during the business cycle. These loans are intended to be repaid through the cash flow derived from converting, for example, inventory or the financed asset into cash.

TargetThe target for service loans includes the following businesses:

  • Food and services
  • Repairs and maintenance services
  • Facility or equipment rentals
  • Waste management
  • Medical (drug) stores, etc
  • Consultancies
  • Photography
  • Florist
  • Car wash, tutoring, etc
  • Day care services
  • Video Clubs
  • Beauty parlors
  • Hair dressing units
  • Catering services
  • Secretarial services
  • Video services
  • Studios, color labs & film processing


  • Facility range: USD 600 (minimum) to USD 7,000 (maximum)
  • Methodology: Individual lending and liability
  • Duration: 6 months to 24 months
  • Repayment frequency: Monthly
  • Clients must be Responsible


  • Access to funds for business expansion
  • Access to other business loan products to strengthen client’s enterprise
  • Flexible repayment structure
  • Training on basic financial management, business planning and customer relations
  • Low interest rate
  • Expert financial advice available


  • Duly completed application form
  • 2 guarantors
  • 2 recent passport-size photographs
  • A valid means of ID (national ID, driver’s license, voter’s card or passport)
  • Proof of business ownership & income