Regular Savings

Regular saving account helps keep your money whiles it earns interest at the same time. At some point in time, every individual has projects to execute.  The savings account will generate interest on your fund, while you plan your project.

Diaconia MDI is a financial Institution that offers Liberian micro-entrepremeurs and Individuals the opportunity to grow their businesses and improve their standard of living.

It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, and how it impact your life and those around you.

Open a Diaconia SUSU, with absolutely no service charge.

How To Open Your Regular Savings AccountVisit any of our branches listed below and speak with our Customer Service Staff

Carey Street Branch

135 Carey Street, Continental General Life Insurance Building, Monrovia Liberia


Redlight Branch

Telecom Community, Opposite Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Paynesville Liberia


Gompa Branch

Monrovia Highway, Opposite God’s Willing Filling Station, Gompa City, Nimba County